t2i - tcl/tk irc-client


I once made a small IRC client (it was very simple, it just connected to an IRC server, joined a channel and did some basic operations) around March 2007. I didn't really do major things to it, however I kept a small hope of idea of a full-fledged IRC client, however I was missing elements I needed to make it a working one.

In around October 2007 I took the idea seriously once again. After discovering Tile, tls, and some other cool extensions to Tcl, I thought that "hey I guess I just found what I need for that IRC client I thought about back then", and created a new project first named tkchat, but after noticing that a program called "tkchat" was already existing, I began to think about a new name and finally decided to use "t2i", short to "tcl/tk irc-client". 0.1 was released on 24th of November 2007.

Around the release of 0.1 I was looking for hosting for t2i and got Google to host it, where I made 92 revisions to the SVN service there and releases up to 0.22. On 25th of January 2008 I moved to Sourceforge, with the SVN migrated on 5th of February.

On 30th of March, I rolled 0.3 out and started a 0.31-release which never came out since the code became too spaghetti-like for me. As a result, I started a rewrite, which is more or less a completely new app, which will go as t2i 0.4, which I recently put on SVN. The website should get a revamp as well but that's a bit harder job for me ;).

Current version 0.3
Development version (SVN) 0.9

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